Master Reference Ⅱ Speaker Cable

Master Reference Ⅱ Speaker Cable.


 Master Reference Ⅱ Master Reference ⅡBanana SP.jpgSpeaker Cables Features:

- 9 MM flexible PVC Outer Jacket
- Gold Plated Copper Connectors (Spade and Banana)
- High Purity, Oxygen-free Copper 12 Awg Wires with Polyethylene Dielectric and Advanced Technology.
- Multi-twist, rope lay braiding to help reject Noise.
- Available in Bi Wire or Regular Configurations
- Available with Spade and or Banana Connectors
- Covered with Black Techflex Sleeving underneath with White Techflex on top.
- Made in the USA with professional grade materials.

- 2017 model. This is the very best speaker cable on the market at our selling price and will sound better than cables costing 10 times our price. This model is more detailed and better than Master Reference with advanced technology.

Connectors:  Spades and Bananas.

Gold Plating over Solid Copper
Spades have 5/16th to 1/4 inch spacing and will fit almost any Binding Post on the Market.
Bananas which will help provide a tight grip in your binding posts and will give them a maximum signal transfer.

Connectors can be changed without notice.

Miracle Cables are completely Hand built from the Ground up. Made in USA.