Engineered and Handcrafted in the U.S.A.. MIRACLE CABLES was founded on these principles:


 Regardless of price is SHOTGUN and YOKOZUNA  Audio Cables from Miracle Cables.


 When you see YOKOZUNA from Miracle Cables you have seen the very best. Transparency and detail with dynamics. Miracle Cable products were conceived to be different and offer unparelleted performance. We combined those ideals with the finest materials,designs and the state-of-the-art manufacturing process the result is a system of Audio Cables in a class by themselves.

  1. Design and build the finest possible audio cable and offer them at the fairest prices (smallest margins) possible based on true parts and labor costs.
  2. Never include advertising and marketing expenses into the margins. People will value and think over inflated prices means better quality in sound or construction.


These cables allow deeper insight into the textures of the critical mid-range, leading to improved intelligibility of vocals, greater resolution of acoustic spaces around the instruments, more real-sounding instrumental timbres, etc. It will not only beneficial on acoustic instruments ・it also gives greater insight into studio techniques, the timbres of synthesisers and guitars etc. Nuance and emotion in vocal and instrumental performances come to the fore.



Like a good well-sorted tube amp, Miracle cables seem to have winning ways with vocals. You will notice improvements to the easy singing, soaring quality of vocals. This is not achieved by adding false warmth ・on the contrary the cables are neither over-warm, nor cool sounding ・they have a fantastically even-handed tonal balance, which leads to them showing improvements on all types of music. Bass is extended, powerful and fast, but without artificial bloat or lumpiness. Mid-range is clear, musical and perfectly balanced. Totally even-handed mid-range equals vocals and acoustic
instruments that sound less "electronic" and more like reality. Treble extends all the way up effortlessly and exhibits natural sparkle, but is also very smooth and even, with no nasty peaks.


Give them about 200 - 300 hours of use to burn in fully and give yourself time relax into the differences. Notice that there is now a much wider range of recordings that you can stand to listen to on your system.


  1. Our regular shotgun cable uses silver as a conductor.We use a set number of conductors and twist them in formulated way to address capacitance and resistance issues.  Moreover, we use high quality silver plated copper stepped spades for terminations. To further improve the sonics, we drill/sand those terminations to reduce mass and rid any excess metal. Plus, we use silver solder to hold it altogether as we believe soldering the terminations is far more reliable and sonically pleasing than any crimping methods.  Our cables are covered in a PET jacket as well as good shrinkwrap which completes our product.
  2. Our Yokozuna speaker cable has all the great attributes of our regular shotgun in material and design, but possesses even more conductors that equate to a fuller and more enjoyable presentation.
  3. Our RCA cables use our silver and the same PET and high quality shrinkwrap as our speaker cables. Plus, we then incorporate a very good dielectric and the Eichmann Silver Plugs for our terminations.
  4. Our XLR cables also use silver as the speaker cables. Plus, we incorporate that same very good dielectric as above and the world renowned Xhadow connectors for our terminations.
  5. Our Yokozuna X power cords use high quality silver plated copper wire covered in Teflon. It uses our PET as well for an outer jacket and we attach a ferrite so as to help with any RF issues. We use the world's best Oyaide M1 and F1 power plugs.
  6. Our jumper cables use the same materials as our Shotgun and Yokozuna speaker cables.
  7. We will be happy to answer any questions.(especially those of a technical nature)
  8. We reserve the right to vary the specification,selling prices and design without prior notification.


Thank you.