Ultimate Edition Speaker Cable

Ultimate Edition SP Cable.jpgUltimate Edition Speaker Cable.


 Ultimate Edition Speaker Cables Features:

- 9 MM flexible PVC Outer Jacket doubled.
- Gold Plated Copper Connectors (Spade and Banana)
- High Purity, Oxygen-free Copper 12 Awg x 2 Wires with Polyethylene Dielectric and Advanced Technology.
- Multi-twist, rope lay braiding doubled to help reject Noise.
- Available in Bi Wire or Regular Configurations
- Available with Spade and or Banana Connectors
- Covered with Black Techflex Sleeving underneath and White Techflex Sleeving on top.
- Made in the USA with professional grade materials

- 2017 model. This is the very best on the market at our selling price and will sound better than cables costing 10 times our price.

Connectors:  Spades and Bananas.

Gold Plating over Solid Copper
Spades have 5/16th to 1/4 inch spacing and will fit almost any Binding Post on the Market.
Bananas which will help provide a tight grip in your binding posts and will give them a maximum signal transfer.

Connectors can be changed without notice.

We are 100% confident that this is the best speaker cable on the market today regardless of price.

Miracle Cables are completely Hand built from the Ground up. Made in USA.